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The above photo was taken at the Cowboy Weekend in New Freedom, Pa on Oct 9th by Howard Berliner. Here were some of the participants at the Cowboy Camp

Welcome to the York County Camera Club (YCCC), a gathering of friendly photography enthusiasts. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome to join our social media pages and are encouraged to join our club meetings, photo challenges, and competitions. See our current schedule of events on this Meet Up page. JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER -2000 Hollywood Dr, York, PA 17403

If you’re into photography, no matter what your skill level, we have something for you. Our goal is to share knowledge about photography, from inspiration to tweaking the final image and all things in between.

York County Camera Club Guidelines for Posting on our Social Media sites.

1. Respect other members of the group.

2. Offer advice on posted photos only when the individual posting it has requested it; advice should be offered in a positive manner and should never malign the photographer or their subject.

3. Post only photographs that you have taken yourself and own.

4. Do not post links to advertisements or to information unrelated to this club’s subject matter.

5. When posting more than 3 photographs please post them as a gallery, not as multiple individual posts.

6. If possible, try to include as much information with your photo as possible to help others understand and learn from your photo. This information could include the basic camera settings, location, and/or any special techniques that were used. If you’d like advice on how to improve a photo, feel free to ask for advice.

7. The photographer is responsible for obtaining any required photo-releases, as may be needed, for their postings. Pay particular attention when the photo contains minors.

8. Do not post images that contain illegal actions.

9. DO NOT post nude, semi-nude, or photographs of a sexual nature.

10. Do not download and/or edit other’s photographs unless you have permission to do so.

11. Refrain from posting photos, pictures, or statements that are of a political nature. This a site for photographers and photography; if you want to make political statements, please do it elsewhere.

Administrators reserve the right to remove any post or member that is not in accordance with these guidelines or that is not in the best interest of the York County Camera Club.

You can download the Membership form (https://www.meetup.com/York-County-Camera-Club/photos/19632152/#467925858) and send payment to the address shown.

Upcoming events (2)

Historic Jersualem Mill Village

2813 Jerusalem Rd

The village began taking shape before Harford County was established, and even before there was a United States of America. Today, the village still includes the Grist Mill, Miller’s House, Blacksmith Forge, Tenant House, McCourtney’s General Store, Jerusalem Mansion, Bank Barn, Springhouse, two-story Smokehouse/Dairy, and another residence. The Jericho Covered Bridge is located adjacent to the village. All of the buildings were built in the 1700s or 1800s, and are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. There is a hiking trail along the museum with a distinctive covered bridge The 1772 Gristmill is a museum and visitor center, and HQ of the Gunpowder Falls State Park.. We will have an invitation to Roxys sisters house about 5minutes away for snacks etc before heading back *****meet up at noon at I-83 & MD 439 Park & Ride Parkton Md.
(4 Reviews)
Parkton, MD 21120, USA

Competition: Architecture

2000 Hollywood Dr

Our theme for this competition is “Architecture.” This can be structures themselves or details of a structure.
we’ll continue to use off-site judges, so your competition submissions must be sent to [masked] by 9 PM on Saturday, October 9, 2021. We’ll show the results on Tuesday, October 26 . This will be held at the JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER ADULT LOUNGE AT 7PM. THE RESULTS WILL BE SHARED THERE! NO ZOOM THAT NIGHT. RESULTS WILL ALSO BE POSTED ON FACEBOOK THE NEXT DAY.
Jewish Community Center
2000 Hollywood Drive
York, PA[masked]

Competition Rules
1. Entrants must be paid members of YCCC.
2. All entries must be the members’ own work.
3. There are 2 skill levels: Novice & Advanced. If you’re new, you may choose which you’d like to compete in. Within each skill level, there are 2 categories: Color & Monochrome. Each member may submit two entries in each category in their skill level, for a total of 4 images.
4. The Monochrome category includes black & white, sepia and other single tones. One of these images may have one other color added. Monochrome images with two or more colors added will be assigned to the color category.
5. Digital manipulation is allowed to the extent of cleaning up spots, adjusting tones and colors, and cropping. No composites are allowed other than focus stacking, HDR, and panoramas; in other words, it is forbidden to take an element from one image to place into another to create an altered reality — this includes sky replacement.
6. Photos may be entered in competition only once a year. Cropping, or changes from color to B&W, or vise versa, does not entitle reentry to any category within the same year. Any entry that wins an award may not be placed in future competitions. [This does not apply to any photography exhibitions that the club may hold or participate in.] Please keep a record of entry dates and awards won.
7. **Image files MUST be named as follows:**
A. Class: N for novice or A for advanced
B. Category entered: C for color or B for B&W/monochrome
C. Title of Photo
Example: ”AC-LonelyBoat“ for an image titled ”Lonely Boat“ in
Advanced Color.
Note that there are NO SPACES between elements in a file name.
8. Send full size images to show the best detail. They MUST be at least 2400 pixels on the longest side.
9. Send image files to [masked] by the submission date. If files are too large for your server to email, upload them to WeTransfer.com (for free) with the above email address as the recipient.

Related Info
• There must be at least 5 entries in a single class/category (Color & Monochrome). If there are less than 5 entries in a class/category, the two categories within the class will be combined and judged together as one category.
• If there are no more than 5 entries in any given category, ribbons will be awarded in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places only.
• Points are accumulated over the year and are awarded after each competition as follows: 1st place = 20 points; 2nd place = 15 points; 3rd place = 10 points; 2 honorable mentions = 5 points each.
• There will be annual awards for the top point accumulators for the year: Photographer of the Year, 2nd, 3rd, and two Honorable Mentions in each skill level. In the case of tie scores, multiple awards will be given.

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