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GTA Wild Food Foraging

There is an abundance of free food out there and learning what there is, how to harvest it, how to store it and more importantly how to enjoy it is what we are all about. Not only will you learn what wild plants are food sources, but you'll discover that most of them contain more nutrients than store-bought produce. In addition, many wild edibles are used as herbal remedies.

Nutritious, free food is out there to be had when you are empowered with the knowledge!

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Reversing the Effects of Osteoarthritis Using Wild Edible Plants & Other Ways!

Chances are you or someone you know has osteoarthritis. Did you know this can be reversed? I am living proof. Learn what I did, and what I am continuing to do in order to be as active as I am. We will also have a plant walk in addition to learning about osteoarthritis. Perhaps some of the plants I have used will be on this walk?! If not, let's have fun and check out Milne Park to see what there is! As a special bonus, my very good friend. Colleen Wiebe will be giving us a presentation on an innovative product that is all natural, enhances wellness, helps with foot and leg pain, and can help with managing the discomforts of OA as you reverse this condition. Colleen is living proof that Voxx Socks does wonders in making a huge difference in your life. She will bring some with her so you can see that they are somewhat the same as regular socks! Cost $10 per person. (Please bring exact cash.)

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