What we're about

The idea for this group is to get people together who want to learn about and explore hypnosis. The intent is to make the group as open as possible to all, whether they are experienced hypnotists, beginning hypnotists or non hypnotists who simply want to explore or achieve basic changes.

A typical meetup involves teaching a topic and then participants practice with each other.

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The Tell-Me Game

Needs a location

BEGINNERS (if you have attended at least one of the previous 3 weeks of training) or people with some experience in hypnosis.

This is a hypnotic process that utilizes what we've learned in the last three workshops. When used regularly, it helps create focus and congruence and it also helps shift beliefs. It is the hypnotic parallel to the systems taught in my book "Beyond Good Enough."

We will learn and practice the process.

Making Experiences Vividly Real

Needs a location

For Intermediates and beginners (who have done at least one of the past four workshops).

The core mechanism of doing things with hypnosis involves giving your hypnosis partner a vividly real experience (or a sequence of them) which will allow them to accomplish what you agreed to before the session.

The key words here are "vividly real." This session will allow us to practice creating vividly real experiences.

The Acceptance Process

Needs a location

For BEGINNERS (who have attended at least two of the past five sessions) and INTERMEDIATES.

Now we are getting into powerful tools. When emotions and our inner sensations get too strong, we shut down. This is true of everyone, all the time. How strong "too strong" is changes a lot, but it's always there.

Sometimes, it behooves us to get past that shutting down point. The Acceptance Process is a way to do that. It is described in detail in Chapter 9 of my book "Beyond Good Enough." This process can be done without hypnosis, and is even more powerful when done in trance.

Tonight, we will learn the process and practice it.

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Reinduction Trigger

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