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York Region Poker League (YRPL)

Please join our Facebook page - York Region Poker League - for all the latest updates and announcements. We can not guaranty that you will receive the same announcements on here as Meetup does not have similar functionality.

This league is Newmarket based and is recreational in nature, designed to bring poker enthusiasts together to share in the entertainment of poker. Each event will be a standalone tournament. YRPL is operated alcohol free, with an emphasis toward charity fundraising. We invite you to join us and wish you Good Luck and Good Fun

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Non League - YRPL Stand-Alone Game

Newmarket Inn

This is not a league event - it is a stand-alone tournament

Open to both Men and Women age 19 and over.

Limited to the first 60 paid entries plus alternates, seats are reserved by RSVP until 6:55 pm, at that time we will start seating from the waiting list. Late registration is available for the first 6 levels of play.

Important: Due to having to downsize from our usual 120 players to just 60, past YRPL players (someone that played at least one game in our last full live season) will get priority. If you are a new player, you may be moved by admin to the waiting list if there are regular players needing a seat.

Covid: Masks are optional, and the room is small. Please make sure you are comfortable in this environment. If you have any symptoms, please do not register or come to the game. Please be aware that there is always a chance you may catch something and participating in the game is your own choice.

Tournament Start: 7:00 pm sharp. Registration at 6:20 pm please be early.

Cost: $100.00 with option ($75.00 + $25.00)

  • Entry $75.00 for 10,000 in tournament chips. To be put in prize pool for the night.
  • Option $25.00, players have the option of paying $25.00 to help cover event costs with a portion going to a local charity. As a bonus you will receive 5,000 in additional tournament chips.

Starting Stack: 15,000 in Tournament Chips with Option as above (10,000 + 5,000)

Re-entries: - There is one re-entry allowed per player within the first 6 levels of play - re-entry cost is $80.00 + $20.00 ($10.00 will be used to form a high hand for the night with the other $10 helping towards costs)
Re-entries will be given a full stack of 15,000 chips and must be made before the start of Level 7. Surrender is also an option.

Prize Pool: A minimum of 12% of the field will be paid out

Bounty: No bounties in this tournament

High Hand: There will be a high hand pot equal to $10.00 per Re-entry. To qualify for the High Hand you must use both dealt down cards to create your hand. Player(s) playing aces full must have at least one ace in their dealt down cards. The High Hand does not need to go to showdown to be revealed. The high hand must be verified by the players at your table. High hand pot will be paid out at next game.

Blind Levels and Ante: The blinds increase every 20 minutes and are designed to end the tournament within 8 hours. Big Blind ante will be used for this tournament. We reserve the right to change this structure prior to game start or during if necessary.

Tournament Rules: YRPL House Rules are based on TDA rules with a few exceptions. All decisions by Tournament Director are final.

This is a recreational friendly self dealt game please act accordingly.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Good Luck and Good Fun

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Non League - YRPL Stand-Alone Game

Newmarket Inn

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