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Welcome to the York Region Social Group.

Ourr goal is to provide fun and well organized social events to allow you to make new friends within the safety and comfort of a group environment.

There are no membership fees and there is no cost to join our group.

We organize activities like dining out in interesting restaurants, house parties, BBQ's and dinners, coffee get togethers, visits to cool pubs & clubs, movie, theatre and musical evenings, picnics, and anything else that promotes social mingling and allows people to get together, network, chit-chat and get to know one another.

No matter whether you're single, married, divorced, separated, temporarily in town, new in town, new to York Region, bored and looking for things to do or just like meeting people and making new friends -- this is an ideal group for you.

Joining the group is free, simple and just one click away -- just click on the "Join Us" button below and we'll have you attending some fun events in no time!

I look forward to meeting you at an event in the near future and welcoming you in person at that time.

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Online June Bookclub - An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed by Helene Tursten

This is the second book in the series, they are small, please also read
An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good if you want! We can talk about both books!

from Good Reads:

"Eighty-eight-year-old Maud is never looking for trouble, but it always seems to find her. First, a woman in her building met an untimely end: tragic. Then, just recently, a dead body mysteriously appeared in her very own apartment, prompting an investigation by the local Gothenburg authorities. Such a strange coincidence. When it seems suspicion has fallen on her, little old lady that she is, Maud decides to skip town and splurges on a trip to South Africa for herself.

In these six interlocking stories, memories of unfortunate incidents from Maud’s past keep bubbling to the surface, each triggered by something in the present: an image, a word, even a taste. When she lands in Johannesburg at last, eager to move on from the bloody ordeal last summer, she finds certain problems seem to be following her. Luckily, Maud is no stranger to taking matters into her own hands . . . even if it means she has to get a little blood on them in the process.

Don’t let her age fool you. Maud may be nearly ninety, but this elderly lady still has a few tricks before she’s ready to call it quits."

Please join us for a night of great discussion!!

If you need the book. message me and I will see if I can help you .

I'll post the online link later after I set it up!

Hope to see you there!!

Lynn :)

Note: The next books are as follows:

July - 1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows - Ai Weiwei

August - The Switch by Beth O'Leary

September - Blue Skinned Gods by SJ Sindu

October - The Maid by Nita Prose

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Online May Bookclub -They Called me Number one

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