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When we say, "You complete me," we're not speaking to another person who makes our life complete. We're saying these words to our long-held, deferred dreams, that, when we finally make them come true, we may feel complete.

Do you have a "deferred" dream? Are you waiting for the "right" time to do what you always wanted? We're a group of people who have dreams and want to see them happen.

Based on the book, "Just Do Your Dream! 7-Steps to Help You Do What You Always Wanted*." We'll cover the three F's that may hold us back: Fear, family and finances. We'll also discuss the four Fs that help move us forward: Faith, focus, fortitude and forgiveness. If you have a dream you're sitting on, let's help you make it happen.

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It Takes Fortitude to Just Do Your Dream in 2019!

Montrie Rucker Adams

Keep Moving Forward!

Montrie Rucker Adams

Are You Progressing...Or Feeling Stuck?

Montrie Rucker Adams

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