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This is a new group to encourage and motivate anyone on a healthy eating and nutrition journey. Anyone who has not been able to get results you've needed for health and/or weight, and still seeking a different path to health, feeling better, or reach a healthy weight may benefit. We will mainly focus on Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) nutrition and health, but want that to be an educated journey, so will still be open to LEARNING about possible pros, and cons, of other ways of eating. Will especially focus on learning about pros and cons of reducing processed foods, oils, sugars, and decreasing and eliminating animal products for our health aka Whole Food Plant Based nutrition. This support and education journey will be via watching documentaries, physical activities, sharing recipes and ideas, discussions, meal planning, and get togethers, etc. I am NOT any kind of trained nutrition or health professional. I have just recently started Whole Food Plant Based nutrition, and I'm excited. I want to keep learning, and SHARE what I've learned! Let's encourage and motivate each other!
Here is a great description of why WFPB nutrition is great:

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