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Easy going group of self-proclaimed BadAsses. New to Meetup? Fear not. We make all new members feel like old friends. So say 'fuck it', get off your ass, get out of the house, and come hang with some kick-ass people.

From volunteering to hiking to boating to happy hours to house parties... we do it all. Our only criteria: you must have thick skin and be able to handle sarcasm. And some profanity. And off-colored humor. This group could easily be called the Smart Asses. Seriously.

While we will still maintain our Meetup.com page, we are moving away from Meetup.com for managing our events and using our Facebook group to manage our events. Come on in, the water is warm. And not for the wrong reason. Cheers.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/NWBadAsses/... (https://www.facebook.com/groups/NWBadAsses/?ref=bookmarks)

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Santacon 2019!!

Southwest Ankeny Street

Annual Costume Halloween Bus

Needs a location

No Quarter (Zeppelin) + Barracuda (Heart)

Aladdin Theater

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