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Hosted by Paula Nishikawara and Gloria Anderson. Paula is a ‘Thinking Into Results’ facilitator - trained at the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Both are graduates of numerous Transformational and Personal Development programs. We are super excited to share our experience, tools and techniques! Come join us!

Hi Everyone,
So, you’ve read the self help, self improvement, personal growth, positive thinking, inspirational, transformational – one or the other of those books…..now what?!
Get results!
After reading one of your self help books, you know…..
-that it makes sense
-you’ve gained a better understanding
-you feel better, now that you know
-you are inspired and ready for that ‘better life’

But….nothing changes – you look for the next new book and repeat the same thing.
What’s missing? Is there something holding you back?
Have you heard the saying – ‘It’s an inside job’?
Yes, it is….it is your Self Image.
This is great news!
We will guide you to developing your true Self Image.

Where and when:

The next meeting on November 6 - at JJ Bean Park and Tilford 333 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver BC

Bring a self help book if you have one and choose a phrase or topic that impacted you to share if you’d like. Invite a friend to register and come as well.

Participants’ privacy will be honoured. What is said in the meeting stays in the meeting. This will be a safe place and we request the group stays in a positive energy, focusing on what it is we want and to remain open to new ideas and concepts.

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You’ve read the Self Help book…..Now What?!

City of North Vancouver Public Library

You’ve read the Self Help book…..Now What?!

JJ Bean Coffee Shop

You’ve read the Self Help book…..Now What?!

City of North Vancouver Public Library

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