How The “NEW” YouTube Promotes Your Videos

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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Trinity

2125 Corporate Center Dr · Trinity, FL

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Holiday Inn Express, Phone Number ~ 727-835-7820

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What This Meetup Is About
This YouTube training meetup is designed to help YouTube Creators, newbies, and those with lots of subscribers, make more money! My name is Mike and I will be your instructor. I have been a YouTube creator since 2012. More about me below.

I will provide an easy to follow step-by-step pathway to help creators excel at today’s NEW YouTube. Once again, YouTube has changed the rules. What was the best practice six months ago, has been turned completely upside down! For example; did you know that now the number of subscribers you have, or the number of videos you have already uploaded has very little to do with whether or not YouTube recommends your videos? In the meetup, I will explain why that is, and also tell you why ranking number 1 or 2 in YouTube search results means very little since the latest YouTube algorithm tweak. BTW, this is great news for new YouTube channels that know how to take advantage of it.

My mission is to provide a fun, friendly atmosphere, where creators of all levels are welcome. At the end of each meetup, you are invited to stick around and exchange ideas with me and other creators.

About Me
2 YouTube Channels, 72,000+ Subscribers, 7.8M Views. 50,000+ subscribers in the past 12 months.

I started selling refrigerator water filters and appliance parts online in 2005. That was about the same time YouTube was created. In 2015, I sold my online business, and returned to Florida to be close to family. It turns out that having lots of extra time on my hands did not suit me. So in 2018, I decided to revive my YouTube Channel, Kitchen Tips Online. Along the way, I devoured every bit of knowledge I could find about the best practice for making YouTube videos. As as it turned out, it is working! In just 11 months, my YouTube income increased 300%. It is my intention to share the information I learned along the way with fellow YouTube creators.

If you would like to see my main channel, here is the link ~

What To Expect At The First Meetup
At the meeting, you will learn how YouTube makes recommendations for videos and how to use that information to your advantage to get more views. I will share with you the step-by-step strategy that I used to gain over 50,000 subscribers in just 12 months. I will also share with you 3 things you can do right now with your existing videos to get more views.

You will also receive a handout with recommendations on how to further your YouTube education online for free. There are lots of free resources available for YouTube creators today. I will share with you what I consider to be the best online resources, and where the find them. I will also recommend the best free resources for keyword research, along with a website where you can make top-notch thumbnails for free.

Why Is There A Charge For This Meetup?
This meetup is a structured classroom type environment held in an exceptionally clean quiet venue that has a cost associated with it. You will receive valuable YouTube creator training from a well qualified instructor that will change the way you make videos, or start a YouTube channel. Knowing how to play the “NEW” YouTube game can have a profound effect on your YouTube earnings. Cash only, exact change would be appreciated.

In Future Meetups We Will Cover;
How to increase watch time
How to optimize thumbnails
How to optimize a video title
How to optimize a video description
How to find and implement the best keywords
How to get more views
How to use analytics to get more views
How to take advantage of playlists
How to perfect the art of the tease
How and when to use a call to action
How to engage viewers (YouTube loves this!)
How to earn money outside of YouTube
And much more...