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A platform for those on the autism spectrum to meet other young adults to socialize with. We are extremely laid back and accommodating for all special needs! Siblings are welcome. We are open to suggestions for events based on the preferences of the group. I look forward to meeting you all!

1. Hygiene is a must! You cannot attend our socials unless you have showered and put on deodorant. I will make sure on every event that you see these rules. If you refuse to respect the hygiene rule, show up, and cause our members trouble? it will be the last time you do so. Refusal to respect rule #1 will result in your removal from this group.

2. Harassment is a NoNo. You do not sexually harass the members in this group. You will not invade their personal space. If a person does not want you to touch them, you do not touch them. If 2 people are talking? do not interrupt them. If a person does not want to give you their contact info? leave them be. If a person does not want to answer a question that is sensitive to them? leave them be. If someone does not want to talk to you? Accept that. If someone needs to step outside for breathing space? Let them and do not harass them. If someone does not want to go out with you? Accept no for an answer.
Depending on the level of harassment committed by the offender? Will result in the immediate ban of the offender himself from this group.

3. All members should report any concerns, fears, questions, or comments to the organizers so we may help you.

4. No fighting, no picking fights, no physical assault. I shouldn't even have to be saying that, but given what Mary Pridgen and I had to deal with in the past, I have to include this to be safe.

5. We hold a number of Diner Socials....no stealing other people's food. I'm going to put it there in order to be safe and make sure we have the rules covered.

6. No Bigotry. I don't care what your political or religious values are....you will treat your fellow members with respect as equals.

7. These rules will be included on each and every event.

Upcoming events (3)

Young Women on the Autism Spectrum Group Meeting

All Kids First/Connecting Dots

WOMEN ONLY!!! PLEASE ALSO RSVP AT https://atl-spectrum.com/rsvp-for-womens-group/ Come stop by and meet other women! We will be discussing empowerment, self-advocacy, and sleep issues. Also join us on Facebook: Emory PCORI Young Women on the Autism Spectrum Group

Nov. Asian Cafe Dinner Social

Asian Cafe

Great Job everyone at Mellow Mushroom! Success all around! Now then, since we found a successful pizza location, we need to look at successful asian restaurants! And this time we're going to aim for a Saturday Night Dinner! Let's make a positive dinner experience and wipe Roaster's from memory. http://asiancafedunwoody.com/menu1.php We're going to go with the Asian Cafe in Dunwoody, inside the Williamsburg at Dunwoody Shopping Center. Spoke with the owners, so long as we schedule in advance, we can get up to 20 people. We've eaten there a number of times...never suffered a stomach problem. Prices and food options are great! dessert menu ain't half bad! Since the whole "15/5" thing worked out so well last time...I'm going to check with Asian Cafe to see about me using some prepaid debit cards I have... If that works? Then once again I'll be able to cover you folks for up to $[masked] in exchange for $5 per person. Let's see how this goes! =D

Aspie Adults Potluck Picnic

Riverside Park

Join us for fun, friendship, and food! We’ll meet in the pavilions at the gorgeous Riverside Park in Roswell, convenient to Marta. Lots of trails, open space for games, and the Chattahoochee! Please RSVP and comment what dish you can bring to the picnic. Categories are: appetizers/munchies; main dishes; sides/salads; desserts. If you can’t bring food, then please bring $5 to contribute toward the costs. The hosts will provide supplies, water, and soft drinks. Who knows what the weather will hold, but we plan to meet, rain or shine (unless it’s severe weather)! So dress accordingly. We will also talk a bit about this social group’s purpose and what to look for in the new year. Autism Improvised is partnering with GCA Metro Atlanta to continue and grow the legacy of GCA founder Scott Kramer, a dedicated advocate for Aspie adults and, himself, an autistic. His vision was creating social get-togethers for Aspies to meet others like them for nothing more than fun and friendships. Scott had just begun bringing this venture to metro Atlanta when he lost his fight with colon cancer. He was not only GCA Center for Adult Autism’s founder and director, but a valued member of Autism Improvised’s board. It’s a natural pairing to work together to grow his legacy. This group will be YOURS, as self-advocates. Watch for details as we get closer to our picnic date.

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GCA Metro Atlanta Intown Social Support Group Meeting

Kirkwood Branch Library

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