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This is a group for couples who are interested in meeting other couples and having fun at the same time! Potential meetups include dinners, wine tastings, beer tastings, hikes, dog walks, board game nights, potlucks, bowling, attending events together and attending comedy clubs. Our meetup locations include Vancouver to Surrey and everywhere in between. We know it is hard to find other couples to hang out with, so hopefully we can bring everyone together.


1. Cancellations: If you RSVP for an event, please do your best to show up. We understand life happens and things get in the way. If you realize you can’t come, update your RSVP as early as possible to allow room for other couples to come.

Please understand that if you don’t show up at all, we are often holding tables for you. (It’s very embarrassing to insist with the restaurant that our friends are coming, wait 45 minutes just in case you’re late, and finally give your table back to the annoyed restaurant staff and admit you’re not coming). Please be respectful of the organizers and restaurant/business and update your RSVPs!

2. Late Arrival: If you are late, make sure to update us in the event comments section with an estimated time of arrival because we’re never sure whether to hold your seat or whether we should wait for you before starting an event.

3. Come For The Right Reasons: The organizers are sometimes able to provide free tickets to different events. We have had many instances where couples will come for free tickets and not even sit with the rest of the group! If you come to an event, please make sure it is because you WANT to socialize and meet some AWESOME couples, and not just for the perks.

4. Couples Only: Couples should both attend as this group is for couples to meet other couples. (If one person will be arriving late, that’s fine!)

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What should we do?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Hello everyone. For our next meet-up, we were thinking of asking all of you for suggestions to what we should do. We really want to get everyone together. So let's open the forum up for suggestions and requests and see what event and what date works best. Please voice your opinion and let's all get together!

Play Lazer tag!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Matthew and I have both wanted to get out and play lazer tag, and we figured it would be even more fun if we could get a big group of other couples to join us sometime!

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