Past Meetup

Snowboarding at Mountain High - West Resort Trip 1


Location: Mountain High Ski Resort – West Resort
24510 California 2 Wrightwood, CA 92397
Date:Dec 7th, 2013

Local (Fountain Valley) Meeting spot to carpool: 7:00 AM Milesquare Park on the Brookhurst side of the park by the Basketball Courts (I will be wearing an orange Jacket)

Mountain Meeting spot: 8:30 AM At Mountain High Ticket office on the West Resort

Event Description:
Cross posted with another Meetup. (Be prepared for a few Asians :) )

Have you always wanted to learn how to snowboard, or are you already on your feet and bombing down the hill? If so, let’s start the season at a local mountain that is within 1-1.5 hours of OC (straight drive).

This event is oriented towards getting some fun seeking, snow playing people together. There will be two populations of people – those wanting to learn, and those ready to haul down the hill. If there is great interest, and improvement in skill, a longer, multi-day trip may be scheduled for the middle / end of season (Bear, Mammoth, Park City Utah, Brighton, Colorado, Whistler Canada, etc… all depends on interest)
Let’s come out and learn / play together!

For Beginners:
Instructor led, 3 day package Option suggested– Purchase a three day package that will allow you to have a 1 hour session with an instructor each of the three days (group setting). Equipment and a full day lift ticket for the beginner’s / bunny slope is included for each of the three days. If you feel you are ready to graduate to more advanced slopes – add another $12 / day to upgrade to full mountain access…. You can do the first trip with the group and remainder solo to learn skills faster, or you can stay with group and participate in other upcoming trips to be scheduled during this season. Just go to your local Big 5 Sporting Goods to purchase the package (it is not available at the mountain).
See below for the package details.
If you do not wish to do the 3 day training pack, there is also the option of doing a single day. See below details for Intermediate/Advanced snowboarders.

Details from Mountain High - Three day Learning Package
The Ultimate Learn To Ski Or Snowboard Package $139 Tot for the three days – (normally ~$50 Lift tix per day, + $instruction + $30-$50 gear rental / day)

Learning to ski/snowboard truly is as easy as 1...2...3 with the 3-Peat from Mountain High. The 3-Peat is a three-visit beginner program for ages 13+ that can be completed any three days of the season, non-holiday.* Days do not need to be consecutive and each day includes:
-1 Hour & 45 Minute Lesson (improve 1 ability level each day)
-Rental Equipment (skis or snowboard)
-Lower Mountain Lift Ticket ($12 upgrade to all mountain ticket available after 2nd and 3rd lesson)
Purchase your 3 Peat here or at Big 5 Sporting Goods. The 3-Peat is not available at the resort.
Program not valid with any other discount or promotion. Unused tickets expire at the end of the 2013/14 season. Sale ends March 2nd, 2014. *Not valid on the following holiday dates: December 21-31, 2013. January 1-5, 18-20, February 15-17, 2014

For Intermediate / Advanced Boarders:
Come for a day of relaxing cruises. Mountain High usually puts out the rails, and park equipment for tricks in late November / December, so you will also have an opportunity to do jumps, grind some rails, etc..

You are free to come as you please. Would suggest signing into the group shared spreadsheet if you would like to meet up at mountain, carpool together, or just come up and give a few pointers to some of the new boarders…. There is a bar at the resort, so food and beverages and a good time are a guaranteed.
Day Full Mountain Pass (8 hours): $59 Regular Day / $69 Holiday

Season Pass: $299 Normal Mountain Pass / $350 for VIP Pass which allows access to eleven other affiliated mountains.

Equipment / clothing required:
A list of suggested and required equipment and their approximate purchase / rental costs is available at the group shared spreadsheet (Follow link below and look in the GearList Tab).
You can purchase, rent, or borrow the equipment. The group carpool spreadsheet has info on possible available equipment / cold gear others may be willing to lend, while the tab named “GearList” will have information on what you should / will need for the trip (along with cost estimates).

Carpooling is highly suggested due to limited parking. Also cool to share costs and get to know your snow playmates before you start the day. Follow the below link to the shared group carpool / equipment workbook. Please be cool with your driver and share in the cost of gas.

Link (Promotional Tickets, Carpooling and Equipment):

Link: Mountain Main Website for advanced ticket purchase – Advanced purchase is highly recommended as the wait can be ½-1 hour at the mountain.

Tickets (normal):

Three Day package Info: (you actually have to purchase at Big 5)

There is a bar / restaurant called the Bull Wheel at the mountain that serves normal mountain fair (burgers, fries, etc…) along with a food cafeteria. A typical meal with a burger and soda will probably cost $11-$15 . Drinks are available at the Bull Wheel, but you can obviously provide your own if so inclined ;)
After the long day on the mountain, we may go to a place with hot soup…. Location TBA / up to group consensus.