Past Meetup

Around the world in 80 plates: Favori, a French Vietnamese restaurant


Apparently there's more to Vietnamese cuisine than pho and eggrolls. Who knew? It's gonna be awesome, so get your salivary glands warmed up, and keep your minds open...

Dinner is at 6pm. Drinks at 8:30. RSVP limit applies to dinner only--anyone can show up for drinks. Just get on the waiting list, so you get my phone number when I send it out just before the event.

What the heck is a Copper Door? ...apparently a quaint basement bar/club in Santa Ana. Much raved about, but apparently more or less's downstairs from a gastropub. Live band or DJ later in the evening... Parking is just north of the address below, in a huge parking structure. Look for the sign, then find the stairs.

That's all I know. Really? Really. If you get lost, call me. If you don't have my's probly cuz you're a late RSVP and didn't get the email. I thus expect that since you claim to be a nerd and henceforth possess IQ points above and beyond the average mere mortal, you will somehow improvise and locate us. No drama...just grow up and find us. *snicker* Check with the bartenders/servers. At least one of them will be able to point you to the nerds, who will be huddled around board games in the corner. Scratch that. Seriously. I was just kidding about the board games. No board games tonight, please. I know at least half of y'all were getting all giddy. Leave them in your cars for another night soon to come. Yeah...I know you keep them in your cars, just in case. It's okay. Really. You're among friends... =P

225 1/2 N Broadway

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Here's a pic from the Yelp page...apparently the stairs going down into the club.


The Attendance Policy ( will be enforced for dinner only. If you call, text, or email before flaking, I might be nice and lobby that you don't get the strike against you. Might. I'm a sucker for nice people. Sort of...

By participating in this event, you release Meetup and all members of The OC Young, Fun, and Nerdy Meetup of any and all liability related to injury or losses resulting from said participation. No joke here. Injurious behavior will not be tolerated. Let's all just have a good time, so I don't have to be a jerk and get you kicked out of the group. Game on.