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Young Professionals of Seattle is a networking organization composed of over 13,000 of the most ambitious and connected young professionals in the city. We place a heavy emphasis on professional development, volunteerism and helping other professionals make the right connections. While we post some of our events on Meetup, you can visit our website http://www.youngprofessionalsofseattle.com for a full listing.

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The Hot Seat: Nikolay Borisov + Alex Oh | Founders @ Ohlay

The Fireside Chat

The Hot Seat (Fireside Chat) is a moderated conversation featuring leaders and people of influencers from the business community and public sector. By highlighting stories of success (primarily from women and people of color), this event is designed to be an inspirational, mentorial resource for entrepreneurs and professionals.

About Your Guest:

We are a culture design company that focuses on building stronger teams and communities.

Alex and Nikolay have worked in the tech industry, nonprofits, and government partners across the country to design purpose-driven cultures and teams that build strong internal communities.

Event Agenda:

4:30 - 4:45pm: Guests Arrive / Networking
4:45 - 5:30pm: Fireside Chat Discussion
5:30 - 6:00pm: Audience Q&A

About Your Host, Rubelyn Chu:
Rubelyn Chu is the Co-Founder of Access2, a sourcing and staffing marketplace that operates in tandem with community organizations. We help ensure that space is occupied by providing opportunity through events and storytelling through our unique platform, one of them being sports.

Rubelyn is part of the Alumni Advisory Board and Advisee in the Entrepreneurship Program at Northwest University and is a mentor to local high school and college students and in the local startup community. When she isn’t working, she can be found in the gym, going on road trips/traveling or with family and friends.

Register for the event at the following link:


YP9: The YPOSeattle 9 Year Anniversary Party

Sky View Observatory - Columbia Center

9 Years. 1 Night. Party in the Sky…

Tickets: https://www.youngprofessionalsofseattle.com/event/anniversary2020-yp9/

You have been with us (for at least some of the entire 9 years we’ve been around), volunteering, attending events, liking and sharing our stories, entering in contests, filling out our surveys; basically being a perfect piece of the 16K+ young professional community!

Each year we celebrate us – the large, vibrant young professional community – with one of our favorite fundraisers/parties in Seattle: The YPOS Anniversary Party. This year’s party, dubbed YP9, will be held on Saturday, March 28th at the Sky View Observatory (at the top of the Columbia Center).

Your night out awaits! Simply purchase a ticket and we will take care of the rest.

See you there!

Your Ticket:

As always, our anniversary party will be a unique fundraiser with all of the “fixins”!: 350+ dressed up young professionals, photo booths, a DJ, plenty of bars (because waiting on line is the worst), digital swag bag (discounts, discounts, discounts, included with your ticket), and several local vendors to keep you entertained!


The party will be held on Saturday, March 28th at Sky View Observatory in Downtown Seattle. You’ll climb 73 stories in a matter of seconds, until you reach the Sky View Observatory, where you’ll find the perfect panorama to begin your Seattle experience. Survey the city’s skyscrapers, residential neighborhoods, shipping port and sports stadiums, then look beyond to the mountains, the sea and the sky.

Dress Code:

Dress or gown. Tux or suit. This is your rare chance to dress up, Seattle. Don’t blow it!. Stay tuned for examples and tips.

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