What we're about

Are you the woman among your friends looking for more mom friends?

Have you stopped going out with your girlfriends bc its hard to go out while working full time (or part time) and being a mommy.

Do you want to make like-minded friends to talk to about being a mom without being the one friend who always bring ups their baby (s) but also want to discuss hot topics, music, television, movies, and what cute things are at Target right now?

Are you over the age of 21 (gotta be able to drink...legally)? Are you under the age of 30? (Basically a millennial)

Are your babies under the age of 6?

Or are you just looking for a different group of people for interesting conversation/fun activities with the kids and without? Are you open-minded, sarcastic and/or hilarious?

We get along with all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds, but full disclosure barbecue becky, permit patty, & sidewalk sally, this group isn't for you...and if you are totally confused by those names, then this group might not be for you either.

If you're still reading this, you really need to just go ahead and join this group bc you just found your group of mom friends.

Our group outings usually consist of weekend events since this group is geared towards working moms...but even you young hip stay at home moms are more than welcome. We will have 1-2 activities a month that would be either with the babies/ toddles or without (girls night).

The main part of this group is also to have active women involved. If you don't plan to come to the meet ups, don't waste time joining our group. We also encourage moms to come up with events and activities to do bc this isn't a dictatorship and we love ideas!

Now in case you're still wondering if you should join here are some things that may turn you off or on about joining our group:

You don't want to hear people complain about being in their mid to late 20s...its stressful out here in these streets.

You don't vaccinate your kids for any reason.

You're a red hat wearing trump supporter.

You judge moms if they use formula or breastfeed, or any other mommy related topic

You don't like pineapple on your pizza (jk, but seriously how do you not like pineapple on pizza..yum!)

If you made it this far again and you still like everything..or mostly everything about this group, please join us, we'd love to have you!

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