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Are you caring for an aging parent or loved one? Do you have a widowed parent or grandparent that would like to be more social but isn't cued into any local gatherings?

This is the MeetUp for you!

Hello! My name is Melanie, and I've recently moved to Cleveland, TN. I'm an early-thirties, working professional and I take care of my Dad as well. Sometimes it's hard to take the edge off of meeting new people - particularly older generations. I absolutely love spending time with my Dad, but he's a social butterfly who loves to be around other people and as entertaining as my late night Frank Sinatra concerts in the living room can be-- there's room other sources of fun. I'm starting this MeetUp as a way for the active, social, senior community to have access to gatherings that may be a little more "dinner and drinks" than "arts & crafts". My vision is that children or grandchildren of aging parents and grandparents will RSVP together with their loved one to events - to bridge the gap for the young at heart!

This is a different concept for Cleveland for sure, but please reach out if you have any questions!

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