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Crocodile Crossing at St. Augustine Alligator Farm
Have you done ZoomAir? This is an aerial adventure (with ziplines) above zoo exhibits (crocs, gators, caiman) and you'll be at eye level with various birds. This is more expensive than ZoomAir ($65 for 1 hour) and it's in St. Augustine, but looks worth it! Depending on our timing, we could check out some other sights in town. This officially opens March 23 and here's a link to more info, including videos: http://www.alligatorf... ( I'm planning to go one weekend in April (or early May). Email me what days you are or are not interested in going. I anticipate having 10 people max. If you are interested but haven't done anything like this, you may want to try ZoomAir at the Sanford Zoo. It's closer, cheaper, and you won't be over dangerous animals. 8-) I'll organize another trip there in May/June (email me dates you're interested in going).

St. Augustine Alligator Farm

999 Anastasia Blvd · St. Augustine, FL

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This group is for people age 21-35 who love the outdoors and would use any excuse to spend time outside. Many of the similar groups on Meetup are for an older dynamic, and so I believe it is about time a group of this kind is started targeting our generation. Whether it be kayaking, hiking, camping, or just a simple cookout, we will most definitely make the best of what Orlando and its surrounding areas have to offer!

Note that this group has a 3-strikes-you're-out no-show policy. There's a handful of gotchas here:

- Since this decision was made pretty late, everything everyone’s done with the group prior to 1/20/2014 won’t be considered here. Starting fresh.

- I’m not going to kick out frequent fliers who happen to have 3 no-shows. To be exact, once you’ve been to 4 events, you’re safe. As mentioned above, nothing prior to 1/20/2014 will be considered here.

- Every once and a while, we have so many people some that we can't keep track of the no-shows. In these cases, attendance either way won't count toward the above.

- Unless you specifically asked, if you’ve been switched from a waiting list 24 hours or less prior to an event, you won’t be considered a no-show. You should still come, though.

- There’s been a small handful of events where I messed up, usually by giving an address that’s not GPS-friendly. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson, but if this happens again, I of course won’t mark no-shows.

- For events with a come-and-go atmosphere, like festivals, people who don’t show up (or who the host isn’t aware was there) will not be marked as “no-show”.

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