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Welcome! Many wonderful friendships have started here. We are the original Meetup group in Tampa Bay for fun, adventurous, and cultured friends, mostly in our mid-20's through 30's. **We strive to be civic-minded and safety-conscious. COVID-era note below.** This is the most active and most emulated group of this type in Tampa Bay. Whether you are New in Town or a Florida native, come meet new friends and discover new places with us. Enjoy a broad array of events that you can participate in and create.

**COVID note: This is a group for civic-minded people who like to have fun while striving to be safe, not only for ourselves but for the good of broader community and economy, in Tampa Bay and beyond. If you support safety efforts, then this is the group for you. Those who join now are pro-vaccination, for all eligible/able; vaccines don't prevent all illness, but offer an amazing chance to move forward. For those who don't feel this way, there are other groups with different frames of mind for them. We look forward to hanging out with awesome safety-conscious folks!**

The intention of this group is to encourage community, friendship, and fun with a variety of events including ~

cultural explorations and outdoor adventures,
career building & networking,
pub crawls & wine tastings,
bowling & ice skating,
casual soirées,
and just hanging out and relaxing with new friends.

Most events are budget friendly, with occasional excuses to splurge on a night on the town!
Your feedback and contribution is appreciated - if you have an idea or suggestion, share it with everyone. Also let us know if you may be interested in helping to host events in the future. This group is great because of all of our members. Contact our Organizer Krister & Event Organizers including Emily and Laura.
Looking forward to your friendship & company!
Michele Smith
Organizer for the Tampa Bay Young Professionals
( Find fun info here: https://www.meetup.com/YoungTampa/pages )


Terms & Conditions
- All Meetup account terms apply, including no soliciting of services or personal agendas to individual members. Share other ideas for the benefit of the group by contacting organizers about creating an event.
- To be in our group, a nice photo is required that shows the member's face. Please see new PHOTO Guidelines below. 
- Also, many members have expressed happiness at finding a Meetup group with peers in Tampa Bay of a younger age range, and we do maintain this by generally requiring that new members be age 23 - 39 (we selectively stretch this). Other requirements include answering profile questions and joining as an individual (mention significant other, if applicable, but introduce one person in profile). Thanks.
- Annual membership is $5. This group is financially possible thanks to member support, so become a Supporting Member with a donation of $5/year ~ now that’s a good deal! Member support allows us to cover the fees charged by Meetup.com. Supporting the group financially contributes to the ongoing success and stability of the group. Supporting Members are given preference and have had priority access to special events! Most of all, you will enjoy the satisfaction of helping make future activities and friendships possible.
- PHOTO Guidelines: We require a nice face pic of the member, on the member's group profile. Here are a few photo issues popping up recently: 
* No photo showing at all (photo must be selected specific to group). 
* Photo does not show member.
* Distant, or Can barely see member's face.
* Shirtless, or tone that doesn't match our group (Guys, we won't have this in our group). 
* Thumbnail photos (perhaps due to Facebook link and Meetup bug?).
* Multiple people in photo, without a note in profile to clarify which is the member. 
* Sunglasses -- we used to welcome people into the group with opaque/reflective sunglasses, but this was happening with increasing frequency, so we're now encouraging everyone to show their eyes. 
The point is to share a nice face pic, to match the friendly, fun, appropriate tone of the group. We ask for this photo for a variety of reasons, including to help members know who will be at events. Thanks!

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Free “HIIT” Fitness Class at Curtis Hixon Park

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Music Bingo @ Brass Tap Midtown

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Shuffleboard Night in Clearwater

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Florida State Fair🎡

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Gasparilla 2023!!!

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