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Recently my gf left me. I put my heart and soul into it and after she left I felt that I had nothing. I had lost my sense of identity, lost my purpose. It put me into a depression. Then I realized that the root of my issue is that I’m not happy with myself. I’m lonely, I’m lazy, I don’t push myself or challenge myself. I know I’m meant for so much in this world but I’m wasting it away.

This led me to a search online. As it turns out, ABOUT HALF OF EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD SUFFERS FROM LONELINESS. And it made me think that there’s so many people out there that are wasting away their life. So many people searching or trying to find meaning to their lives while simultaneously wasting away on their cellphone or in front of their tv. They’re depressed and lonely, and they hate themselves for it. But it’s too big or too complex to “start working on myself” so they end up not doing anything about it and wasting away even more. “I don’t even know where to start...you know what...fuck it”. Sound familiar? Everyone and their mothers give advice to you like “just work on yourself” and other cliche bullshit, but they don’t REALLY get you, and their words go in one ear and out the other.

Modern technology has taken us away from our true selves, it’s given us everything easier and faster. Society promotes laziness. We as a society have lost touch with our true, nature selves. We should be outside, embracing nature and embracing the WORLD that we live in. We should be living large. Not wasting away on a couch.

But we can be the change. All it takes is two people. Then three. Then four. Then five. Eventually the world. It starts right here on Long Island. Whether you’re suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety, lack of purpose, laziness, procrastination, etc, basically if you feel like you aren’t reaching your true potential or ideal self, if you feel stuck, then this is the place for you. You don’t have to be alone anymore.

We will focus on building a community that promotes self motivation, and building ourselves up to be our ideal selves. We will help members get their life going, get a job, go to the gym, overcome social anxiety, etc, whatever it is that you need help with, we will help you. We will all become friends, give each other weekly “missions” as a group such as apologizing to somebody you wronged in the past, or introduce yourself to five people that week, or help somebody that you see needs help, etc. We will also do volunteer work for the community, and give weekly updates to the group on things we improved in our lives. And much much more!

We pride ourselves in spreading positivity to the world and setting the standard for other people to follow. Let’s be the example. I’m thinking big, we could change the world. It starts right here and right now. So many people out there in the world need us. If this takes off, we are spreading this all over the world.

WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE. Regardless of age, race, gender, etc, we want YOU to join our group.

If all this doesn’t motivate you to make a change within yourself, then think about this. If you join, then you will be helping people out there who NEED YOUR HELP. You could save a life. BE the change that you want to see within yourself. BE that amazing person that you fantasize about in your mind. With us, you WILL get there.

Keep in mind that this is gonna start out small. The first few meetups will probably be a lot of figuring stuff out. But WE need to push each other to get this going. I’m looking for FIVE people to start out, and we can get a meetup going. If you have social anxiety and this seems like too much for you, THAT’S ok! Go on to reddit and send a PM to mninp, that’s me. We’ll figure something out.

Changing the world starts NOW!

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