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This group is a community of women who are seeking supportive and encouraging friendshis that are consistent, honest, and fun! Sonia, your leader, and coach is committed to running workshops and coaching programs to grow the leader within and create a safe space where we show up as ourselves without judgement. Sonia teaches various topics that build our resilience to life's circumstances so that we can go after our big dreams and realize our true potential.

Topics Include:

• Emotional Decoupling

• Meet Your Inner Leader

• Vision Board Party

• Boundary Setting

• Finding Your Why

• Women's Love Circle

• Creator vs. Victim

If you have a suggestion for topics, please reach out to Sonia :)

Upcoming events (2)

What's Your Impact Workshop

The Village Hive


What's Your Impact? By Sonia Grossi, Leadership Coach + Facilitator Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019 Time: 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM Location: The Village Hive, 55 Albert Street, Markham, ON, L3P 2T4 Grab your ticket here --> https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/whats-your-impact-tickets-58597120565 Who are you being in the world around you? Are you ready to hear it? Are you TRULY READY? Do you realize that the world needs your leadership more than ever before? We live in a world where you can get by without pursuing your dreams, your passions, and living a life on purpose. It's designed in a way that you can ignore all of that good stuff and still get by; however, if you know me, I don't care for that life. I want to know who you are, what you want, and what you are meant to do in this world. Join me in this interactive, experiential workshop where Sonia, your Coach, and Facilitator shows you who you are being in the world and where you might want to take a look at and grow. There's going to be feedback, encouragement, support, FUN, PLAY AND HARD TRUTHs...my favourite and something I'm really good at. If you are curious like me, then this is the place for you. My hard truths come from a place of ZERO judgement, and I only show respect, love, and some ass kicking. I do not have a hidden agenda for you either way. My coaching comes from a place of in service of who I see you being and who you need to step more into to unleash your inner greatness. Things we will cover in this workshop: What's your purpose, mission, and vision? Values exercises to uncover deep-rooted values you still need to honour How other people see you and articulation of who you are being Discover the parts of you that need to express itself that will serve you Onboard parts of you that you've tucked away for a long time Fun activities designed to get you out of your comfort zone and play with the group Enjoy and connect to your power as a leader regardless of where you are at today Look at your blind spots with a new lens and determine what to do about it What you will leave with: A new awareness of the leader within - that's you! Tangible feedback of your superpowers and areas for opportunities A better understanding of where you want to move forward A list of values you've neglected and where you need to put your time energy A connection to who you truly are, not who people have told you-you are TO RSVP and CONFIRM your SPOT -- you must purchase a ticket here --> https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/whats-your-impact-tickets-58597120565 Thank you! Sonia Grossi

Own Your Confidence Powers

The Village Hive


This workshop is all about fun and play. YAY! RSVP and grab your early bird tickets before May 15th at: http://bit.ly/2U95j4u At some point in your life, you KNEW you were confident. You were someone who went after what you wanted, had the language to articulate what you needed and you might even remember a time when it worked out pretty nicely for you. Own your Confidence Powers is a workshop designed to experience and connect back to your most confident self. What would your life be like if you stepped into your most confident version of yourself? What's possible from THAT place? You might be saying: That's just not me or who I am, so I don't need to be that person That's not for me, I'm not good at that, so I'll never do it I'm not good at dating, so I don't date, and you give up before you even started I don't have the confidence like that person, they make it seem so easy, and you never put yourself out there You might be feeling: Exhausted of spinning your wheels over and over the hamster wheel Tired of everything being so damn HARD Over and done with the thoughts that you can't get ahead in life Frustrated with the fact that everyone seems to be moving mountains except you Vulnerable because you don't know where to go next This isn’t about what others want from you or for you. It’s not about your parents, friends, partners, professors, colleagues, exes, old friends, old bosses, or acquaintances. This is about YOU and going after your dreams with FULL confidence and belief that it WILL happen. You get to choose anything you want, and I as your Coach, guide you along powerfully. What will be different in your life by attending this workshop: Connect to your confident version of yourself Claim how you want to feel for the next 90 days of your life and what's possible You get to be that person after the workshop once you've anchored into how it feels Understand that you don’t need more money, more education, more property, a partner - then what’s the secret? Get to know your confident side and what he or she is capable of What you will learn: What confidence looks and feels like Create new ways of being through discovering how you want to feel Remove should from your vocabulary and replace it with what your heart wants Figure out what perspectives are going to serve you to move forward towards your dreams Create confidence affirmations that you can use every morning to help shift your perspectives What it means to claim what you want to experience in your life Grab your early bird tickets before May 15th at: http://bit.ly/2U95j4u For any questions, contact Sonia at [masked] See you there!

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Creating Boundaries to Unleash Your Greatness

The Village Hive


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