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"Your WISH Is YOUR Command" – Paving the way to new revelations in Abundance Consciousness

Your dreams and desires ARE attainable, whatever they are. Picture a world where those who have benefited the most have decided to share their vast resources to help their fellow citizens of the world be, do and have any and everything they want.

That's what is going to happen in this group. A small number of renegade Secret Society Billionaires have decided to altruistically use their extensive Quantum Physic’s expertise to equalize the odds between the privileged elite and the general public, and they have started by sharing this knowledge and expertise with you in this Meetup!

This privileged group has had successful lifelong access to these privately held, never before revealed, manifestation secrets which attests to their incredible abundance. They are now generously sharing these “secrets” hidden in ancient manuscripts with us now to help heal the world by allowing you to be, do and have everything you desire - free from fear and free from repression. Their beneficent vision sees the culmination of each one’s Personal Empowerment eventually tipping over to Global Enlightenment, in order to heal the world of poverty consciousness and fear.

Come listen, learn, and be personally MENTORED BY SOME OF THE MOST POWERFULLY ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO HAVE ACHIEVED WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE. They are going to share their knowledge and instruct us how to apply these scientifically proven techniques. Come integrate these invaluable techniques into your life that have been hidden for over 3,000 years. You will learn the “real” Secrets of attracting everything you desire and increase your “soul satisfaction” to become a source of goodness for the world.

This training session will teach you vital information that was LEFT OUT of ancient religious texts, and books such as “Think and Grow Rich”, the Law of Attraction, “The Secret”, etc. These are methods you can start using in your life to see immediate results.

Brian Tracy says “If you want THINGS IN YOUR LIFE TO CHANGE, you're going to have to CHANGE THE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE”.

If you're not completely satisfied with where you are right now, you know you have to change the way you think, feel and do things, and THIS TRAINING CAN BE YOUR VEHICLE TO SUCCESS BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS! If you are truly willing to learn, THOSE WHO HAVE ACHIEVED UNBELIEVEABLE HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS ARE NOW WILLING TO MENTOR YOU so YOU CAN achieve ALL the desires of your heart too. With their help, Your WISH CAN be YOUR Command. Again, see previous reviews of this meetup training in the "Pages" tab above in the blue banner.

We will be studying, discussing and Master Minding from 13 powerful CDs originally recorded at an opulent Castle in the Bavarian Alps during a secret weekend retreat called Your WISH is YOUR Command. Through these CDs, we now are able to offer you free admittance to the most powerful training for which the original attendees paid $10,000 each (and afterward said the training was so valuable they would have paid 5 times that amount and still thought it was a value!!). With this 3 1/2 week training, the group Master Mind concept is still an active part. Even though the class is being offered to you for free, the pearls you will glean from it are still absolutely "priceless"!!

This new transformative teaching about the Law of Attraction is like drops of pure, cool water to someone that has been wandering in the desert all their life. As you “drink” up these newly revealed secrets, they will uplift and empower you LIKE NEVER BEFORE. You’ll be able to release the old mistaken identities of fear, limitation and impossibilities. You will have the tools for a new empowered identity of "anything is possible" – and you will never be the same again!! Your DNA and neuropathways will have been transformed forever!!!!

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