What we're about

If you’ve ever struggled to lose weight – or to keep it off; if you are looking to take control of your health but don’t know where to start; if you are looking for support and accountability – this group is for you. My name is Galina. I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International; and I want to help!
Did you know that 90% of your health is in your own control? Genetics is responsible for only 10% of how you look and feel, exercise is 10% and what we put in our mouth is 80%!
The truth is that if you follow a few simple rules it's biologically next to impossible to not lose weight and keep it off!And I am not talking about counting calories, portion control or trying to exercise off the calories that you ate...
I want to introduce you to a Healthy Living program that will help you to make healthier choices, help to re-balance your life nutritionally and change your lifestyle. We’ll have workshops, private FaceBook page, exchange recipes, share experiences. Looking forward to meeting you!

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