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Youth Entrepreneur Warrior is a famous youth entrepreneur organization in Hong Kong, bridging all youth entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, helping each other in this business world, and looking for any bright and new business opportunities. With regular and sometimes large-scale gathering events, we and our members are like a family, which facilitates Hong Kong youth entrepreneurs to share their feelings, their experiences and their opinions.

Official Website: http://hkyew.com

聚集一班有志創業或已創業的年青人,共同建立一個相互幫助的青年創業家社群平台,讓年青創業家能夠共同跨過創業艱辛之路。口號: 「青年創業軍,莫欺少年窮!」

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《抗疫生意投資課程 逆市賺錢法》線上班

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