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Hey what's up fellow New Territories gamers!?

Ever felt the need to play board games but really, and i mean REALLY can't be bothered to go alllllllll the way out to board game groups that are situated in the Kowloon or Hong Kong side? Or finding a group, to realize they only play the Chinese version of your favorite game? Or wanting to play board games with your friends, only to find it difficult to get a group together because you are the lone wolf living in the NT and all your friends are residing across the ocean?

Well fear not, because that's exactly what this group is for!

I, like some of you that are reading this right now, experience those exact problems as described above, and have been actively looking for a solution to it...and you know the saying:

"If you want something done right, do it yourself!"

So here I am, taking the initiative of doing just that!
Now I'm not an experience meetup-er and this is a learning game for, me so am planning on taking baby steps here...My objectives and goals for this group are simple:

1) Gather like-minded gamers with similar, comprehensive English understanding (Though english speaking is not required!)

2) Join up and discover possible meeting times and places within the Yuen Long area

3) Create a close-knitted group without feeling overcrowded (because honest to god, it's just more fun playing many games with a bunch of close friends, than to play the same game with a bunch of different strangers each week!)

4) And last but not least, start dusting off some of the brand new board games in my collection and get it onto the darn table!

Looking forward to meeting you all! And if you have any questions, don't be afraid to give me a shout! :)

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BG Mania first meetup!

Sheung Shui MTR Station

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