What we're about

"Yuman Beer Nuts" is a social group for people in the Yuma area who are "nuts" about craft beer. Whether you actually brew or merely imbibe, this Meetup group provides Yuman beer enthusiasts and aficionados a chance to regularly gather for a single purpose -- to meet people like yourself, who enjoy quality beer. The new group will meet at least once per month in different local pubs for happy hour. As the membership expands and gains momentum, we may meet more frequently, organize regional pub crawls, and caravan to beer festivals outside the Yuma area. Men and women (singles and couples) of all ages and walks of life are welcome to join. You need not know much about beer to join the group. Most beer enthusiasts are eager to share their expertise. Be forewarned that beer aficionados can be elitist beer snobs. If you genuinely enjoy anything "light" or anything available in a twelve-pack, you may expose yourself to ridicule. If, on the other hand, you love beer -- "real beer" -- this is the group for you.

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