What we're about

ZEIT ( http://zeit.co/ ) is making the cloud accessible to everyone, regardless of location or choice of tools.

• With Next.js they made it dead simple to create high-performance, production-grade React apps

• With Hyper ( http://github.com/zeit/hyper ), they created a blazingly fast web-based terminal anyone can use

• With ZEIT Now ( http://github.com/zeit/now ), they created the easiest platform to deploy any website or app

This ZEIT Czech Community is here for people from Czech Republic shared their knowledge, experience and ideas about ZEIT products. You're sincerely welcomed to join this community. At the end we're open to discussion about anything related to:

— Frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, etc
— Programming environments such as Node.js, PHP, Go, Python

If you would like to discuss about meetups, please drop a message at milan@sulc.dev.

Thanks, Milan.

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