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Cleansing and Protection Workshop
This workshop is for those who want to cleanse their auras and enhance their protection against negative energies, evil eye, psychic vampires, etc. As we cleanse our body, in the same way we have to cleanse our energy field on a regular basis. We will be using a variety of different techniques, like shamanic rattling, meditation , invoking Archangel Michael, using sage, Palo Santo and oils, working with Animal Totems and connecting you to your Higher Self. The session will last between an hour and an hour and a half and will consist of: Shamanic space clearing and opening One to one smudging and blessing with sacred oil Charging of beads with Psalms Meditation to connect with the higher self to raise vibration and gain insight, guidance and protection Working with your Power Animal and instructing it to protect you against all negative energies What to bring (optional): You can bring some prayer beads or rosary. This is for charging it with the psalms. If not, you can just relax and listen to them while meditating. Any shamanic instrument (rattle, mini drum, bells, etc). If you don't have, I will have spare ones but it's best to bring your own if you do have. Cost: £10 payable in advance via PayPal at [masked] Please text me on[masked] to confirm attendance as I need to be aware of numbers.

The Charterhouse Clinic

98 Crawford Street · London