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ZeroGuru is a cultural association, a spiritual-researchers hub, London based.

ZeroGuru is your homecoming experience to a deep level of consciousness to ignite an advanced personal development process.

ZeroGuru Meetup Group is your alive-experiential-multidisciplinary urban-workshop to reconnect with your inner energies to stop struggling with your life and reclaim your power and awareness.

ZeroGuru brings a crystal clear experience in the world of inspirational coaching and spirituality, for all the people who wants to know the truth about themselves.

In the 2020 ZeroGuru Meetup Events you’ll experience:

The power, poetry, ecstasy, and creativity of the Shamanic-Integral Yoga. You can absorb ancient teachings, which embrace the Indian and Himalayan traditions, as well as Western traditions, such as Alchemy. It pacifies the mind, awakens all your resources, and reaches the heart.

You’ll listen the voice of The Ancient Tarot of Marseille, The Mystical Shaman Oracle, and The Nat Cards. It is a deepening psychological and archetypical work on your unconscious mind. You’ll discover the nuts-and-bolts to master your daily life.

You’ll have the taste and flavour of The Mystical Marriage Teachings. The most ancient and powerful spiritual path ever. You‘ll discover rituals of physical-psychic-existential-spiritual healing focused on giving you the resources for an immediate and real transformation in your daily life.

You’ll discover the ‘Bardo Lectures’. The Bardo‘s words bring you back to the awareness. With the help of ancient Oriental and new Western books you’ll be guided in a voyage of powerful personal and inner transformation.

You’ll experience the power of recover your vital-space with the Intimate architecture. A subtle discipline to conquer and redesign your home, your ambient, and your vital-space. You will found the invisible geometrical invisible rules which are at the very foundation of our universe and of your way to dwell this world.

You’ll walk The Path of The Heroes of ancient mythology. Together we’ll find the primordial imaginal archetype that dwell in your soul and you’ll learn how to bring that force and energy in your life.

The Warrior’s Way. A path made in order to discover your masculine energy, the warrior within yourself. Learn to release your inner power and take control of your life, with deep and effective exercises from the ancient martial arts.

You’ll experience the innate-healing-knowledge inside your body with the TRE® Method. Created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, TRE® safely activates, through a series of simple exercises, a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibration that releases muscles tension, and calming the nervous system.

You’ll feel the subtle energetic healing of the Shamanic Reiki. A therapy that reunites the ancient traditional Reiki with the powerful insights of the shamanic approach to the natural energies in the universe.

Yes, you have a lot of exciting experiences to do in the 2020 with ZeroGuru! We are excited too, thinking how much fun we are going to have experiencing with you how easy will be start effective little changing-steps in your everyday life.

A warm welcome to you! The ZeroGuru Team is full of enthusiasm waiting to see you in our Meetup.


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