What we're about

Yoski broskis! Come hang out with folks to watch anime or movies, play games (card games, board games, video games -- bring your own system, or indulge if someone else brought theirs), share memes, laugh at YouTube Poops, and other nerd/geek type stuff.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/J2jsP8E

One rule to rule them all:
No judgment! (Unless you're super rude, then expect to be called super rude. :P) Dress classy or frumpy or edgy or silly... Cosplay as comic book, video game, or anime characters... (Just SOME kind of clothing! ;P) Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age (other than the 16+ stipulation), physical appearance, ability/disability, mental health, NONE of those will be judged! We're all just here to have a good time! :3

If you have anxieties, sensitivities, or concerns, feel free to bring them up, and hopefully we can all accommodate one another.

Got social anxiety? Most of us do too! Even I, the Founder! :P (Though I'm doing my best to hide it and fight it.)

So no judgment! We can all make mistakes together! XD


-Events usually take place in the eastern Cincinnati area (near Milford), but we can move around as needed to better accommodate members if we need to. Also there will be special events in addition to the usual Saturday get-togethers which could be scattered around the area.

-I usually bring some snacks and drinks for everyone. Not guaranteed, but so far my record there remains unbroken! ;D Feel free to bring some to share with everyone too, or your own for yourself if you have allergy/intolerance concerns. I myself bring gluten-free options due to my own Celiac disease.

And feel free to create your own events, hang out with folks you befriend here on your own time, etc.

Past events (79)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Needs a location

Board games @ Victory Pints

Needs a location

Sunday Game Night

Needs a location

Sunday Game Night

Needs a location

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