What we're about

Group of likeminded people interested in positive psychology and self-development in areas of happiness & wellbeing, self-development, positive impact on others, building positive communication and relationships, resilience, mindfulness, flow, and engagement, meaning, playfulness, strengths and positive emotions. This is a place for meaningful conversations and exchange of thoughts, ideas, experiences, and inspiration to live more fulfilled and joyful lives.

This group is focused on facilitated discussion and sharing of experiences and thoughts on diverse topics from positive psychology (each meetup with a different topic), with a light input of theory from positive psychology. This is NOT a therapy or coaching group.

This group is part of the Happiness Academy initiative.

Happiness Academy's vision is to inspire and empower all people in having a fulfilled, happy and joyful life and building meaningful, loving relationships with the self and others, while actively contributing to the world, through both free and paid workshops, webinars, meetups and creation of educational materials. Look for more resources and events at www.happiness-academy.eu (http://www.happiness-academy.eu/) or join the Happiness Academy monthly newsletter (http://happiness-academy.eu/newsletter/) to have gain access to abundance of valuable materials on positive psychology, wellbeing and resilience.

For similar topics, inspiration and meaningful conversations, join global community Positive Psychology Tribe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/positivepsychologytribe/


This group is bilingual, communicating both in english and croatian.

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