Software Testing Anti-Patterns

Zagreb Tech Sauna
Zagreb Tech Sauna
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
3:00 PM
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Hello people!

Christmas carols and kuhano vino are soon here, so we would like invite you to our last meetup of 2019. Let's enjoy gingerbread, Sauna Pale Ale and pizza while learning something new about software testing anti-patterns.

We are happy to have Željko Filipin as our guest and his topic goes hand in hand with our philosophy about agile software development and clean code.

Željko ( wrote his first lines of code on ZX Spectrum. He is testing software for more than a decade. Also he is one of the organizers of Testival ( monthly meetups and yearly conference. In free time Željko likes to read, run and play various instruments. Usually not everything at the same time.

I've noticed that many people, even people with a lot of experience in software development, don't have much experience with software testing. I've recently read this article and it nicely sums up my observations and thoughts. I would like to explain each anti-pattern and have a discussion with the audience.

Software Testing Anti-patterns (

Meetup language: Croatian