Destroy All Silos! How is agile better than waterfall?


For us, new year doesn't necessary mean any new decisions, just stick to an old one: Organise great meetups 12 times a year! With a few well known ingredients, of course: new&interesting stuff, Agile, Sauna Pale Pale and you guys who make our Zagreb Tech Sauna better and better every time with your suggestions, questions and comments.

This time, Marko Bjelac from our team opens the new season 2020! :)

A comparison between waterfall and agile approaches to software design, highlighting differences between the two. Expecting a rich discussion during & after the talk.

Marko is a software developer with 13+ years of experience in designing various software from desktop apps to distributed micro-service-like systems. He is specifically interested in agile processes and the prerequisite technical disciplines including clean code & architecture, continuous integration & delivery, test-driven development, code review, pair & mob programming. In other topics, he’s an avid cyclist, board & role-playing game nut, husband, parent & fruit enthusiast. He also likes dogs.