Kalamatiano and Zeibekiko Dance Class for Beginners and Intermediates


Beginner and Intermediate Kalamatiano and Zeibekiko dance lesson (with modifications for an Intermediate level challenge). Learn dance elements that will enable you to develop solid dance technique and to give you tools to create your own patterns. Above all, it's having just plain fun!

NOTE: Payment must be made through e-transfer by Sunday, 6:00 pm to [masked] in order that the class can be confirmed. Cost for the class is $20. A minimum of 3 participants is needed in order for the lesson to take place. Email me if you have any questions. Check Monday for an update.

If you'd like a private lesson or a small group lesson, please email. I generally have 1 hour available every day for lessons.

Bring your favorite music, if you like! Let me know what you would like to work such as on specific moves, patterns, tricks or technique, if you have something specific in mind.

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