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Group Guided Meditations For Anxiety, Self-Control, and Empowerment
Group Guided Meditations for Emotional Healing With your Meditation Guide, Pamir Kiciman We enjoy our emotions when we're feeling good and reject them when we're suffering. The ability to feel and to have emotions makes our life richer, more colorful, deeply satisfying, and allows us to have a broad range of experiences. Itā€™s a truly wonderful part of being human. Our emotional nature is able to accommodate all the varying experiences life has to offer. By design, emotions can't just stop at "happy." Having painful feelings or going into certain mind states that contribute to our suffering is a challenge everyone faces. This can be short-lived or prolonged. The series of 3 guided meditations address anxiety, self-control, and empowerment. They are also all arranged in such a way as to help you embrace your emotional nature more comfortably, relax super deeply and work with your breath in a simple way. Each one is effective in your daily life after you attend and will teach you simple ways to find balance. You can attend any of the single meditations, but these are really a series. Each supports the others and there's continuity between them. Signing up for the series of 3 is recommended. One hour each. You will be lying down comfortably during the meditations. After the meditation, there will be also be a brief Q&A and feedback session. Anxiety: No matter what you're feeling, there's a centered, calm, neutral place you have with you all the time. Anxiety is real and it can be disruptive in the moment. No matter if anxiety is intense, episodic or low grade it is still on the surface. Your center hasn't disappeared. You have the ability to regulate your internal environment. This meditation will guide you to discover the calm within and keep it available to you, especially at crucial times. Self-control: Habits, impulses, compulsions, needs and desires can get out of hand and even reach harmful or destructive levels. This can be even more complicated when needs and desires are sourced in our own emotional wounding. This meditation will guide you to stop acting out of your past and start living in your present where you're responding positively to life. You'll be able to identify core resources within you that keep you aligned with all your best aspirations and intentions. Empowerment: We lose personal power when we dislike the way we look, or feel unworthy in relation to other people and the environments we spend our days. If you find yourself holding back, not showing your true talents, second-guessing every choice, not having confidence in meetings or on dates, this meditation is for you! It will guide you to understand and embrace the truth that your value is independent of outward accomplishments and accolades. Once this is integrated, power begins to flow back into your system and your mindset now supports inner and outer success! Book your mat now! $25

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This is a group for anyone looking for experiences that combine personal growth, alternative medicine, and mindfulness. I started the group to reach out to people who are looking for a mindfulness experience customized from a science-based foundation. I look forward to exploring psychotherapy, Chinese Medicine, meditation, reiki, acupuncture, holistic nutrition, and lots of fun, expansive treatments and workshops together!

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