What we're about

What is a Meditation Lounge?

​That is usually the first question we get asked.

Simply put, it is a fresh take on meditation. We want to create a simple, sophisticated, and modern environment for people to meditate. Whether you are a curious soul or a seasoned practitioner, you can enjoy your meditation journey in our comfortable and non-traditional space. We specifically designed our meditation area to comfortably seat about 10-15 people, we find that to be the ideal size so that everyone would be fully able to enjoy and benefit from our guides.

Why start a meditation business?

​The idea to create Zenfinite Meditation Lounge came to us from having travelled to some of the most exotic and spiritual places in the world. In these journeys our lives have been enriched, our minds nourished, our senses heightened. We would love to bring some of these experiences back to share with you - to Indulge Your Senses.

Zenfinite Meditation Lounge believes in:

​• Modernizing Meditation – It is for everyone and can be approached in a graceful way, it is based on science regardless of religion and tradition.

• Efficiency - Meditation is very much an individual journey, but the path is easier with the assistance of guided and group meditation.

• Empower – Understanding of the mind enables self-sensing and stimulates creativity, leading to an elevated and fulfilled life.

• Balanced – Meditation is complementary to fitness and exercise. One trains the body, the other trains the brain.

• Zen – A place for people to be:Open-Minded, Authentic, Inspired, Soul-search, to Infinitely develop & share.

Our inspiration came from places such as:

​Thailand: A sense of genuine happiness in people.

Indonesia: A sense of enhanced spirituality and being at one with nature.

Vietnam: A sense of breathtaking natural beauty and peace.

Cambodia: A sense of forgiveness. A place where mother nature and people live in harmony.

Tibet: A sense of devotion and dedication to believe.

Japan: A sense of minimalistic comfort & beauty - the art of zen.

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