Cosmic Perspective Night

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Join your fellow citizens of the cosmos at Van Vleck Observatory in Middletown during their monthly public viewing night. The Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford will be hosting this free event, which includes access to Wesleyan's 20 inch refracting telescope.

Marcus Aurelius was especially fond of what's been called "physics as a spiritual exercise," a contemplation of the wider universe and our tiny place within it: "To watch the courses of the stars as if you revolved with them. To keep constantly in mind how the elements alter into one another. Thoughts like this wash off the mud of life below." (Meditations 7.47)

Seneca was also a friend of the cosmic perspective: "For this body of ours is a weight upon the soul and its penance; as the load presses down the soul is crushed and is in bondage, unless philosophy has come to its assistance and has bid it take fresh courage by contemplating the cosmos, and has turned it from things earthly to things divine." (Letter 99)

More details of what may be on view from the Astronomical Society:

Things earthly:
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...Weather permitting - Too much cloud cover and event will be cancelled by 6:30pm.