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Adventure Challenge Meetup
Connect in a casual setting with meet like-minded adventure seeking individuals and co-create your next adventure challenge. During this Meetup hosted every other month, we get together to connect and brainstorm our next adventure challenge experience. We'll design experiences to get you out of your comfort zone and push you mentally and physically. These experiences are created to offer profound and lasting changes in your life. Why Come? #1 to have fun and challenge yourself, but there is and opportunity for you to participate in something bigger. The Problem Currently our society is paying a huge price as a result of many people working in incremental unfulfilling careers or businesses which are transactional in nature and aligned with industries or professions that provide little security, status, or a lifestyle which will lead to any substantial retirement or impact in the world. The reality is nearly 80% of the world’s population hate their jobs, and nearly 63% are unengaged in their career. When asked do you love what you do, a resounding “NO” echo’s in the world. Many are managing businesses, careers, clients and customers by providing products or services that have no bearing on unique abilities, legacy, life purpose, and mission. Our children are suffering the same fate and are not exploring the world and challenging themselves to achieve more. In their lifetime, they are not being introduced to programs which truly challenge our limiting beliefs and help them find their calling or purpose in life. Worst of all, most of us are not leaving a personal legacy for future generations that will likely lead to many feeling unfulfilled and living lives of quiet desperation causing a perpetual cycle of poverty and unhappiness in the world. What if everyone in the world suddenly woke up inspired and on fire, ready to impact the world with their unique abilities, could we increase happiness and fulfillment in people’s lives? Would depression rates, obesity, poverty, and relationship issues decrease? The Solution We believe we can take a stand for investing in exponential personal transformation through leadership, multipliers, and purpose driven missions; while leveraging our unique abilities and catalyze more freedom in our lives. More opportunities in our businesses, careers, more contribution in the world, and more value creation in the marketplace while leaving a legacy for future generations. By working together to create a global network of aspiring purpose-driven individuals and a future where 95% of people in the world are living a fulfilled life causing a perpetual cycle of abundance and happiness even if we have to sacrifice the current education system. It’s too big of a vision to do all at once but we’re starting with evolved education experiences and challenging people to achieve more while impacting their lives and the lives around them in exponential and positive ways. Through Adventure Challenges and Evolved Education Experiences by 2025 Zerkers will bring together a community of 1000 inspired individuals who have a fire ignited inside them to impact and transform their lives and the lives of those around them by aligning passion with purpose and achieving big life goals while make a global impact in the world.

The Danish Cafe

2 Bridge Ave · Red Bank

What we're about

Who is this group for?

This Meetup Group is about bringing together like-minded people who love adventure and challenges.

Who should join?

For members to get maximum value you will need to meet these three important initial qualifications:

Qualification #1: You must be physically able to participate. Membership is strictly for active individuals. On average, members participate in at least 2-5 activities that push them to their limits each year.

Qualification #2: You are willing to contribute openly and candidly with other members. We select based on what they “bring to the group” It’s not about you.

Qualification #3: You leave your excuses at the door!

Why should you join:

You would like to attend unique group adventures.

You would like to take, coordinate or collaborate adventures.

You would like to be a part of a group that challenges you to achieve life goals.

What you can expect:

Using a combination of coaching and proprietary adventure challenge models, Zerkers provides a unique approach to accelerating your life, career, and personal legacy. Our mission is to change the way the world plays the games of life, education, and spirituality.

Past group adventure challenges have included: Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Climbing, Zip Lining, Surfing, Auto Racing, Endurance Races, Backpacking, Ice Climbing, Hiking, Volcano Exploring, Ocean Kayaking, white water rafting, camping, horseback riding, volunteer events and generally anything that is fun and pushes your limits.

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