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zk-SNARKs from Bilinear Pairings \\ Dr Mary Maller

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ZKProof ( is joining forces with leading organisations in the ecosystem to make Zero Knowledge cryptography more accessible through a webinar series introducing the fundamentals of Zero-Knowledge.

Industry and academia experts have volunteered to lead the sessions. Each session will cover one fundamental topic of Zero-Knowledge and will be constructed as a 1-hour talk, followed by live discussion and Q&A.

Participation is completely free and all you need to attend is to register, and to prepare your notebook.

This webinar series is suitable for you if at least one of the following applies to you:
- You have an undergrad-level background in mathematics and/or computer science.
- You have played with some Zero Knowledge Proofs libraries
- While you know what Zero Knowledge is, you do not have a full picture of the internals and details
- You want to learn more/start developing
- You are attending the next ZKProof Workshop and want to get the most out of it (

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Details~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are proud to present our first chapter in the series:
Feb 17th: zk-SNARKs from Bilinear Pairings, Given by Dr Mary Maller.

Mary Maller is a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation who is primarily focused on theoretical cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs. In particular she has focused on designing proving systems with universal setups. Before working at EF she completed her PhD at UCL under the supervision of Sarah Meiklejohn and Jens Groth.

In this session, Mary will explain how elliptic curves are used in zero-knowledge proof systems and give an overview of some constructions based on bilinear pairings.

Webinar will be hosted in Zoom.
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See you at the webinar!
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