• Elixir Zagreb Meetup #1


    Pozdrav svima, odlučili smo (re)aktivirati grupu i pojačati lokalni Elixir community. Za početak smo se odlučili za format od jednog predavanja + popratno druženje uz pizzu i/ili piće. Petar Kujundžić (iz Score Alarma) će nam održati predavanje sa temom "GenStateMachine - how to tame your data ingress". Extract: Data ingress can be tricky when not using right tools. In this talk we will show how to use GenStateMachine (https://hexdocs.pm/gen_state_machine/GenStateMachine.html) as ingress data component. Talk will feature connecting and authenticating with FTP server, fetching data and handling errors, disconnects and retries in Erlang/Elixir way. Poslije predavanje se možemo podružiti uz pizzu u MaMi i nastaviti sa pićem u obližnjem Koldingu. Sponzor ovog meetupa je Score Alarm. Vidimo se u Srijedu, 17.04., u MaMi!

  • WebcampZg Elixir Workshop

    HGK / Hrvatska gospodarska komora


    Hey, beautiful people. The workshop is inspired by our first meetup and we'll write our own blogging engine there. Details of workshop are here (http://2014.webcampzg.org/workshops/jonn-mostovoy-elixir-facing-the-scalability-challenge/) . Tickets are available here (https://www.entrio.hr/event/webcamp-workshops-2014-1700). Be sure that you have read the requirements! Hope to see you.

  • 1st Croatian Elixir drinkup

    Pivnica Zlatni Medo

    Following the WebCampZg conference, there were some suggestions about an informal Elixir meeting. As it happens, this Thursday (31st October) I'm having a beer with Jonn Mostovoy, a professional Elixir developer from Latvia, who is currently living in Zagreb. After consultations with Jonn, I've decided to rename our beer to Croatian Elixir drinkup and invite others to join us for a pint of beer and a sip of Elixir. Jonn and I are meeting around 18:00 somewhere in the center. We haven't decided on a bar yet, so I'm open for suggestions. Preferably something cozy, quiet that serves good beers :-)