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ZgPHP meetup #44


Since Yii2 was released at the end of 2014 there was plenty of time for Fatos Hoti ( to get to know its dirty little secrets. Together, we will investigate what is new, what is better, what is worse and how to use it all in the real world.

Fatos is developer for over 10 years now, currently employed at Degordian ( He loves code and everything about it.

Have you heard of ZeroMQ? Do you know what are Request-Reply, Publish-Subscribe or Pipeline patterns? How routing and transport works? Silvio Marijić, developer from Zagreb and fan of latest and cutting-edge technologies will let you know more about it.


17:30 - Warm up and small talk
18:00 - Group announcements
18:10 - Fatos Hoti - Yii2
18:40 - Dramatic pause
18:50 - Silvio Marijić - ZeroMQ
19:20 - Drinkup in Kolding

Preradoviceva 18 · Zagreb