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ZgPHP meetup #46



Generators are a cool, relatively new addition to PHP, we all know that. However, real world usage seems to still be pretty low. Many PHP devs are happy just using arrays, like they have done since the olden days.

This talk will quickly explain how generators work (spoiler: it's very simple) and then cover several real-world use cases.

Ivan Habunek ( may or may not deliver a live coding session.

Ignite session

In Ignite talks, each speakers gets five (5) minutes, and must use twenty (20) slides that are automatically advancing after 15 seconds. So you are forced to get to the point. Pick any topic you like or if you lack inspiration choose something from Awesome PHP ( list.


17:30 - Warm up and small talk
18:00 - Group announcements
18:10 - Ivan Habunek - Generators
18:40 - Dramatic pause
18:50 - All hands on deck for Ignite session
19:20 - Drinkup in Kolding

Preradoviceva 18 · Zagreb