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ZgPHP meetup #78 2018/02

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Ilica 222 · Zagreb

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Izdvojeni prostor za dogadaje u sklopu Pivane. Pratiti znakove ili jednostavno pitati osoblje :)

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Get ready for ZgPHP #78, a little bit different meetup!

This time we'll have only one speaker, Robert, who will be talking about the service bus and CQRS. After the first talk and a break, we'll try out the lightning talks - very short, 5min (really 5 mins, stopwatch controlled) talks about anything and everything. At the meetup, you'll be able to sign up and give a lightning talk about something you want to share with the community.

This will be our first meetup at Pivana (Ilica 222, parking available), a great place where we can stay after the official meetup part and hang out. Just follow the signs or ask the waiter about the ZgPHP meetup and you'll find it!

Meetup officially starts at 6pm, but we'll be there even earlier (~5:30pm) so you can join us :)

Robert Basic: All aboard the Service Bus

We deal with complicated and complex applications on a daily basis, codebases that are filled with classes that do too many things. One design pattern that can help us with this is CQRS, Command Query Responsibility Seggregation. The idea behind CQRS is to split our models in two - the Command for writing, and the Query for reading. Applying CQRS can lead us to a more maintainable code, code that follows the SOLID principles more closely.

At the heart of CQRS lies the Service Bus - a transport mechanism responsible for dispatching our command, event, and query messages to their destinations.

This talk will give an overview of the CQRS pattern and take a closer look at the different types of service buses - command, event, and query ones. Main takeaway will be practical information on why, when, and how to use them, with emphasis on their differences. We'll also take a look at some of the PHP libraries out there that help us work with service buses like Prooph Service Bus, Simple Bus, Tactician, to name a few.


About speaker:

Robert is a software engineer and PHP consultant. He doesn't shy away from maintaining legacy applications and writing documentation, fixing bugs with the help of tests and believes communication with business stakeholders is the way to develop software. Loves contributing to open source, and is a core contributor to Mockery, a PHP mock object framework for use in unit testing. Author of pugdebug, a standalone debugging client for PHP that uses XDebug as the debugging engine.



• 17:30 - Pre-meetup - gathering, small talk
• 18:00 - Meetup kickoff, Group announcements
• 18:15 - Robert Basic: All aboard the Service Bus
• 19:00 - Break
• 19:15 - Lightning talks
• 19:45 - Drinkup