ZgPHP #102

ZgPHP meetup
ZgPHP meetup
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# Schedule
17:30 - Pre-meetup - gathering, small talk
18:00 - Meetup kickoff, Group announcements
18:10 - Host introduction
18:15 - Vilim Stubičan: You should ditch your framework
18:45 - Break
19:00 - Zoran Antolovic: Rethinking the API development
19:35 - Break
19:45 - Raffle + Lightning talks
20:00 - Drink up

# Talks

## 1. Vilim Stubičan: You should ditch your framework

### Description

Why do we even use frameworks? I think there is a better approach. Let's talk about that.

### Speaker short bio

A code enthusiast who believes there is no such thing as a limitation in a developer's mind. Also, a backend developer that loves Typescript, documentation and dislikes when someone disses JS. Reviews: "Greatest son!" June 2017., my mother "Too full of himself, but hits the target sometimes" April 2018., best friend "Never stops talking", May 2019., ZGPHP meetup attendees "Still talking", February 2020., ZGPHP meetup attenders.


## 2. Zoran Antolovic: Rethinking the API development

### Description

In this talk, I'd like to go over ideas and practical tips that will hopefully help you to improve the overall quality of API-first development with modern PHP ecosystem.

I will share my personal opinions and experiences based on both successful and failed real-world projects and experiments, discussions with other engineers, and maintaining production systems.

I will show code examples, patterns, and other technical and non-technical tips&tricks.

I'm looking forward to comments and suggestions and constructive discussion.

### Speaker short bio

Software engineer passionate about the disciplined, sustainable, and organized approach to building digital products.