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Take adventures with us to fascinating, little known places... hike cross-country to find a secret meadow, drink clean, pure ice-cold water flowing from seasonal springs, explore a hidden eolian cave...scramble down a steep hillside to venture through the Tunnel of Death! Find yourself making new friends, doing things you never would have done, and accidentally getting fitter at the same time! All are welcome here. The level of fitness needed for each activity will vary, just be ready for a wild ride!

Whether you live at the beach, in the desert, or somewhere in between, these adventures will be to places you have perhaps never even heard of, but which are fascinating and little known outside of a small group of explorers. One is known, as far as I can tell, only to me and a select group I have brought to it. All have found it amazing.

So, your part - bring a happy smile, a desire to explore, a willingness to make new friends, and you'll be a perfect fit.

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Wildwood State Park in Yucaipa - the Zip Trip Unexpected Adventure Path

This adventure will be a hike through the upper reaches of Wildwood State Park in Yucaipa. We'll come in a back way that almost no one knows about, go past Bobcat Saddle (where I once found the complete skeleton of a bobcat) and up to Raven Skull point (yes...I once found a Raven skull there), wander along a green grass-covered road through a live oak forest, past the dead snags of a burned out section of forest, drop by the spooky picnic flat, then pop out at an amazing view point. There we will sit down and have some snacks and hopefully take some pictures. I have a shirt that says "Hi Mom! on it. I try to send my mom pics from all over wearing that shirt. I just put it on when I get to my destination, snap a quick shot, and send it to my mom. Others around me often borrow it to make their own mom feel loved as well. Everyone will have a chance to take a "Hi Mom!" pic if you'd like your mom to know you're thinking about her. It may sound silly, but moms love it! Then we'll come back on our original path, and if we're very quiet (unlikely, it's usually a kooky, noisy group) we might spot some foxes, deer, or maybe even a bear. Total time will probably be around 3 hours. We will meet at the main parking lot for Wildwood State Park at 9:00 and then caravan to the Little Known Place entrance, which is about 3 or 4 minutes away. This route has about 1400' of elevation gain, and it's spread over 3.5 miles each way for a total of about 7 miles, so it averages less than 400' of climbing per mile. This makes the hike feel easier and the distance just slides by. All levels are welcome. If you are a beginner, you can turn around at any point and we will make sure you can easily find your way back to your car. We will be coming back the same route, so we will be our own sweep. We'll hike pretty steadily on the way up so that we have time to stop and take in the beautiful views, then move briskly on the way down so that we finish around 12:15 - 12:30.

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