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Take adventures with us to fascinating, little known places... hike cross-country to find a secret meadow, drink clean, pure ice-cold water flowing from seasonal springs, explore a hidden eolian cave...scramble down a steep hillside to venture through the Tunnel of Death! Find yourself making new friends, doing things you never would have done, and accidentally getting fitter at the same time! All are welcome here. The level of fitness needed for each activity will vary, just be ready for a wild ride!

Whether you live at the beach, in the desert, or somewhere in between, these adventures will be to places you have perhaps never even heard of, but which are fascinating and little known outside of a small group of explorers. One is known, as far as I can tell, only to me and a select group I have brought to it. All have found it amazing.

So, your part - bring a happy smile, a desire to explore, a willingness to make new friends, and you'll be a perfect fit.

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Amazing Magnesia Falls Hike with a Little Adventurous Scrambling Added In!

Magnesia Falls is a fascinating series of dry waterfalls that is only open from October 1 to December 31 each year to protect the Big Horn lambing season the rest of the year. So, it's October already...let's do this now while we can! Besides the falls, we might see Bighorn Sheep. I saw the sheep in the pictures last weekend when I scouted out the route for this upcoming event. We'll start with a fairly easy walk up to the first falls, then it's a little bit of a scramble up to the top. It's not even close to vertical, so no worries. I'm no rock climber, but I did it without any problem. If you have a terrible fear of heights you can always decide to just take in the view and turn around here. It's a beautiful canyon all by itself. The second dry waterfall is a bit trickier, but the rest of the falls are easier to climb and they are all different and fun to explore and climb around on. The final one at the very top is a sheer vertical cliff straight up maybe 50 or 60 feet from where we will be standing. We will not be attempting this one, so it makes a great turnaround spot, and it's quite impressive anyway. The total distance is a little over 5 miles round trip. It may not require the full 3 hours, but this is a hike to look around, take pictures, and explore. It's not a hard workout and there's no point in going fast on this one, so be prepared to relax and enjoy. Temps are supposed to be in the 70's at the start time but it will warm up somewhat so figure 70's to 80's. We'll be out of the sun most of the time since we're down in the canyon, so it should never actually get hot.

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