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With an abundance of talent and a limited number of auditions and budgets for screenplays. In addition, the challenge of the major studios being unapproachable. More often than not, the average artist (talented or not) is often left to fend for themselves. The Zolle village is designed to be a place where the artist without industry contacts can thrive and be heard, as well as the artist with the connects can build and experiment on their craft. We built Zolle Studios to be story telling machine and a place where opportunity and community is real for our villagers. Here, we will merge the two opposites of the connected and unconnected to grow and learn from each other. We are creating stories to remember and experiences to cherish. Welcome to Zolle Studios.

Your Script, You Sound, Your Vision. Lets create Impact together.

Welcome to Zolle

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Upcoming events (2)

Collaboration Day (Villagers Only)

We Elevate Dallas

This is the day every month we come together as a village and collaborate. Weather you have a project you are writing a screenplay for, developing a character for film, or working on a sound track. This is the place to be. As a community we will be free to roam the studio, network and discuss topics at length. We will also have teams in pre-production for upcoming Zolle projects. https://zollestudios.com/calendar/collaboration-day-3/ Only Zolle Villagers can attend this event. To become a Zolle Villager click on "Join the Village" button at: Zollestudios.com

Pitch Session (Villagers only)

We Elevate Dallas

This event will allow our villagers to pitch their project to our head creators. If you think you have solid story that is production worthy, come pitch your project. Schedule your session soon. Limited spaces available. To schedule your session: 1) Become a Basic or Prime Villager at Zollestudios.com 2) RSVP & Schedule the time for your pitch. Limited spaces available. Schedule your pitch session here (Villagers Only): https://zollestudios.com/calendar/pitch-your-project-day-3/ How will it work: 1) You get to pitch your project in 2 mins (Give us the heart of your project then everything else) 2) You leave then the panel will discuss your story 3) We dive deeper into your story by asking questions. 4) We will give you feedback on Story/Character development, Plot etc. Our goal is to help you strengthen your film so that we can help you produce it though the Zolle community. We're looking forward to hearing your stories. Thank you, Zolle Team

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Pitch Day

We Elevate Dallas

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