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Zorka Kovacevich
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HubSpot certified inbound marketing professionals specialize in designing, planning and running effective digital, multi-channel, and Meetup campaigns helping business and creatives to grow their sales.

Owner of 50+ professional Meetup networking groups with over 50,500+ active members located in New York city.


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Twitter: @ZorkaKovacevich (https://twitter.com/zorkakovacevich)

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WOMEN Only Professional Networking & Sharp Talks @ Monarch Rooftop

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND SUPPORT NETWORKING HAPPY HOUR Click on the Link below to Register and Confirm Your Spot: https://bit.ly/2FupFwF Ladies, Lets get together one more time and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of a New York's luxurious rooftop in this awesome weather. This event will focus on professional development through open networking and relationship building. How about Monarch Rooftop - The place offers progressive mixology and an upscale seasonally focused light fare menu, which perfectly compliments every cocktail. Click on the Link below to Register and Confirm Your Spot: https://bit.ly/2FupFwF There are so many opportunities around but many women in today's society are experiencing possibility blindness. So think if you relate to this : Are you tired of seeing great opportunities but being held back by fear? Have you kept writing down plans for the year but not action-ed them? Have you faced so many challenging situations that you no longer think IT is possible? Are you fed up of living the way you are now - not fulfilling your full potential or passion? Do you have a great business idea but not sure of the next step to take - or are you lacking a business idea. Click on the Link below to Register and Confirm Your Spot: https://bit.ly/2FupFwF So come to this happy hour.... You will be able to create the more advanced you in your personal & business life. Learn the strategies of how to Overcome & Rise Above your current challenges. You will have the opportunity to network or share stories with other women and create joint ventures. You will experience great motivation from some inspirational stories and awesome energy. Click on the Link below to Register and Confirm Your Spot: https://bit.ly/2FupFwF Build relationships & Accountability Partners. An opportunity to meet women who were once where you are and are now where you desire to be. I hope all the lovely ladies can make it to the Summer Afterwork Happy hour meetup ;) Click on the Link below to Register and Confirm Your Spot: https://bit.ly/2FupFwF

The Largest World MBA Tour is Coming to New York!

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You’re invited to the world’s largest MBA tour coming to NYC on Saturday, June 29th. As a member of our Meetup group you’re entitled to attend this premier event FREE! Register here: https://bit.ly/2VDTi4t OTHER FREEBIES For YOU! Professional Linkedin Headshot, Resume Review, Admissions Consultation, Seminars and Presentations by Admissions Directors, Admissions Panels Discussions and Q&A PLUS $Millions Of Dollars In Scholarships, and Much More! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Join us the at World’s Largest MBA Tour in New York The world’s largest MBA tour is coming to New York on Saturday, June 29th and as a member of our Meetup group you’re invited to register and attend this premier event for FREE! REQUIRED REGISTRATION, here: https://bit.ly/2VDTi4t This is a great opportunity to speak face-to-face with dozens of top business schools and get all your MBA questions answered. By attending this event, you also have FREE access to: 🎯 A professional LinkedIn headshot 🎯 A resume review 🎯 Admissions consultation 🎯 Seminars and presentations by admissions directors 🎯 Admissions panels, discussions and Q&A 🎯 Millions of dollars in scholarships And much more! Participating schools at past events include NYU Stern, London Business School, Georgetown, and many other top local, national and international business schools. Stay tuned for this year’s participating schools. As a member of our Meetup group, you can register and attend this event for FREE! SPACE IS LIMITED – register now! Register for the World MBA Tour: https://bit.ly/2VDTi4t ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ You are required to use the above link to register. Your RSVP on our Meetup group is not valid and does not entitle you to free admission ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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