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NYC Creative and Business Professionals Networking Party
Please make sure to RSVP here (, ( An RSVP on Meetup does not count as an RSVP. New York City is a big city with so many great people to network with. But how valuable is it to be in a city with great networking opportunities if you don't get out and network. Hosts Discussion (

The Ainsworth

45 East, 33rd Street ยท New York, NY

What we're about

New York Business Opportunity Seekers and Providers

โ€œ I love this group and love organizing events for them. They are serious about their professional aspirations and always looking to learn more about resources that can help them grow their business. โ€โ€” Zorka Kovacevich (

โ€œ Zorka is always thinking about what would intrigue members, and tries to present relevant, meaningful, programs. Thank you, Zorka! โ€โ€” Ciro DiSclafani (

โ€œ Zorka is a really, REALLY good organizer! โ€โ€” Tyrone Turner (

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Hello Opportunity Seeker and Provider.

Welcome To Your New Wave of Prosperity!

If you're here, this is probably a good description of who you are:

Whether you work for yourself or others, YOU, like our members have an outstanding entrepreneurial mind, a spirit that believes in yourself and are truly passionate about the work you do.

You exemplify professionalism because daily your energy is put to good effort whether it's learning something new, teaching others or creating a better way to operate your business.

The Seeker within you is courageous, optimistic, and knows that the secret formula for success is all about sharing your knowledge and resources. That this will lead to making better personal connections benefiting you and everyone in your circle to flourish and thrive.

The Provider within you embraces and promotes strong values and ethics! You believe that "doing business as usual" is not enough. That a "remarkable" business or career is profitable, fun and above all honorable. Otherwise, what's the point?

As a Group we are focused on dynamically contributing to the current economic revolution which is taking place here -- right NOW!

We have made the choice to discard the old way of doing business and replace and re-shape it with vital relationships, fresh strategies and sustainable growth.

Together, we welcome and celebrate this new technological age

full of yet to be identified amazing bounty of

unlimited opportunities which await us!

Hope we'll Meetup soon!

Zorka Kovacevich
Meetup Organizer


Zorka Marketing + Promotion

HubSpot certified inbound marketing professional specializing in designing, planning and running effective digital, multi-channel, and Meetup campaigns that dramatically decrease the time you spend on promotion so you can focus on lead engagement to increase your subscriptions, sales and a profitable bottom line.

Owner-Organizer of 50+ Meetup business networking groups with over 50,500+ professional members located in New York city.


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