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We have a Date and a Place.

Every Sunday we meet at 1pm at:
Bryant Park Room,
located on the south-west corner of 6th Ave and 43rd Street

Please bring screenplays and/or notes of your own ideas of projects that you want to realize within the DFS.

You will find further information below.


Please don't be late, the meeting starts at point 1pm.

Here is an image of the location:,-73.983693&spn=0.005104,0.009645&sll=40.755352,-73.983747&sspn=0.001284,0.002411&t=m&layer=c&cbll=40.755352,-73.983746&pano... (,-73.983693&spn=0.005104,0.009645&sll=40.755352,-73.983747&sspn=0.001284,0.002411&t=m&layer=c&cbll=40.755352,-73.983746&panoid=eu5avOVYlVN5ThKIYmIkWg&cbp=12,325.73,,0,-2.61&z=17)

Collective Filmmaking - The DFS

When we met up last time we encountered a good amount of new members. Personally impressive was the amount of skill that has been brought to the meeting and expressed in some screenplays, trailers and narrations that we reviewed.

Towards the end of the meeting we agreed on the concept of Collective Filmmaking: Writers, Directors, DP's, Actors and everybody who wants experience in Filmmaking is welcome in the DFS and will ultimately be part of our crew in production.

The most interesting aspect about the concept of Collective Filmmaking is that it offers lots of opportunity for creative expression, meaning that we can have each of our Projects directed/photographed/produced etc. by different members of the group. And if a director happens to be interested in acting or let's say the photography of another project he can rotate to be an actor or cinematographer or another [maybe minor but nevertheless] essential role in our production that collectively will make the film happen. In this concept several Projects can be in production simultaneously. We will also reuse locations and actors in our projects, i.e. if a location happens to match scenes in two separate projects we will combine the shooting schedules of both projects. Additionally we will cast globally, meaning one casting call will serve many projects at a time.

The most important aspect in this collaboration is that we present roles and compromise where it is necessary. Obviously our films will have no, to a very low budget and an aspiring Director/Actor/Producer/DP or Screenwriter could at one point have the task of sweeping the floors or carrying heavy equipment or working late into the night, hardly getting any sleep at all. All of this has to be understood and accepted in order for the project to be made.
Regardless our Projects can turn out to be professional looking independent films of incredible performances, both in front and behind the camera and a strong, supportive crew if:

We will work hard and do whatever is necessary to make each other's lives and production easier in order for our Projects to be successful.

I encourage everybody to work on stories that you want to tell, read screenplays in order to learn how to write them.

Think about profiles and backstories for your characters and also possible shooting locations.
If you need an extraordinary/exotic shooting location propose it with your project and our members will get thinking if they or somebody they know lives or has access to a location fitting the proposed description.

Also keep in mind that your life is short, the TV not your friend and that you have to work, observe and educate yourself in order to create something of social value (which is everything anybody in our society likes & loves).
Remember that you are not a Superhero who has been given extraordinary power that makes you stronger, more talented and better than everybody else.

After all the process of making a film after all is real and not like the film itself fiction or imitation of reality.

In the Dead Filmmakers Society we work for each other.
Here your work and time is a precious currency.