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Welcome to the Upper Manhattan Professionals Connection Club -Meetup Group!

Manhattan is a trip! If you live here you already know that this island is a world on to itself; infinitely full of untapped adventures, amazing places to see and unique things to do.

If you're looking to break through the anonymity of living in NYC and would like to meet more people in your community, have fun, connect and make new friends-- join with us!

We highlight events and activities happening all over town in the Manhattan area, and sometimes we even venture out to the boroughs and other locations.

If you're excited about meeting more like-minded people and want to have a great time -- come on in -- we want YOU as a member!

This is a group for community-building! We're looking to build connections, enjoy each other's company, have fun and maybe even learn a few things that will help to make us happier, healthier and smarter!

Hope to Meetup soon!


Zorka Kovacevich

Meetup Organizer


Zorka Marketing + Promotion

HubSpot certified inbound marketing professional specializing in designing, planning and running effective digital, multi-channel, and Meetup campaigns that dramatically decrease the time you spend on promotion so you can focus on lead engagement to increase your subscriptions, sales and a profitable bottom line.

Owner-Organizer of 50+ Meetup business networking groups with over 50,500+ professional members located in New York city.


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[Please note that New York-Eastern Standard Time (EST) applies to all scheduling]




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Please send invitations to: ZorkaKovacevich@aol.com


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